Tech company iNSPIRETEK launches with a vision to ensure wellbeing is a priority

Brisbane based company, iNSPIRETEK, have officially launched this week. The tech company has been created off the back of iNSPIRE Sport – a wellbeing education and tracking app created for athletes – with the organisation focused on making wellbeing a priority in today’s society. 

iNSPIRETEK focuses on creating technology platforms for organisations wanting to monitor and improve the wellbeing of their community. Founder and Managing Director, Annie Flamsteed, is excited about this next stage of growth and believes that this will drive a positive change across a range of industries and demographics.

“There is currently a lack of affordable, innovative technology out there that focuses on educating and preventing mental and physical illness. We are unique because we can take our current tech stack, and make small changes to it to engage and assist across multiple sectors, and not just youth sport” she said.

The launch comes at a time where businesses are searching for ways to stay connected with their community. With COVID-19 changing the way we all go about our daily lives, most businesses have been forced to explore and transition to online platforms in order to maintain operations and relevance in the marketplace.

Group Chief Executive Officer, Robert Donaghue added, “Tech companies, and innovative teams like us were able to pivot and make changes to our core business to get through this phase, and for us here at iNSPIRETEK, it has enabled us to fast-track our plans for growth understanding that business post-COVID-19 is going to be very different.”

“With our core focus still being on improving wellness within the youth sports sector, the innovation and scalability behind our technology allows us to diversify our revenue streams post COVID-19, and impact the overall wellbeing of society via multiple demographics.” 

The process to launch has been a long and detailed one, with Flamsteed and her team envisioning this for the last 4 years. 

“The launch of iNSPIRETEK was something we had in our plans for late 2021, however, COVID allowed us to bring this forward, a blessing in disguise I guess!” Flamsteed said.


The company is currently raising capital from investors in Australia and the USA. This is to fast track the roll out of their technology to a wider audience and support the exponential growth they are experiencing. This will deliver on iNSPIRETEK’s promise of positive human behaviour change and improving the lives of millions of people.

 For more information on iNSPIRETEK, the launch and their mission, visit or email

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